Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Review

Compared to its predecessors, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 is smaller and lighter. Like its predecessor, it features a physical rotating bezel and a touch-based “spin”. While it doesn’t reinvent the smartwatch design, the new model adds haptics-based feedback to the curved display.

With Android Wear, users can download a variety of apps to use with their new watch. There are watch face collections, music apps, utilities, and health apps. For instance, if you’re interested in keeping track of your heart rate and blood pressure, you can download the Fitbit Sense app from Google Play.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 is a capable smartwatch that pairs well with most Android phones. It features top-notch build quality and feature-rich software, and its health-monitoring capabilities are impressive. It is only limited by the compatibility of its companion device, the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in two models. The premium version costs $349, and features a moveable bezel for smooth app panel navigation. However, the entry-level model comes with a touch bezel that can easily be shaky, resulting in jumping three or four app panels ahead.

The new Galaxy Watch also includes wellness features, including a TV-connected home gym and comprehensive sleep tracking. It combines data from its smartphone with blood oxygen monitoring to provide sleep-monitoring information. The latest Galaxy Watch is also equipped with new hardware for a faster, more responsive experience. Its 5nm processor offers a 20% faster CPU and 50% more RAM, and has a GPU 10x faster than the previous generation. These features allow the watch to perform more complex tasks without losing its ability to handle multitasking.

The Galaxy Watch 4 is equipped with an impressive Super AMOLED display and has a number of customizable watch faces. Many of the watch faces have animated characters and dynamic effects. Many come with a number of complications, while others are minimalistic. Users can also access watchfaces designed for the Google Wear OS platform.

Another useful feature of the Galaxy Watch 4 is its Do-Not-Disturb feature, which blocks notifications while allowing you to focus on a task. You can enable this mode by swiping down on the watch face, tapping on the minus sign in the Quick Settings panel, or by navigating to Settings > Notifications.

The Galaxy Watch 4 features a user-friendly interface called the One UI Watch interface, and is similar to the Samsung Galaxy phone. The smartwatch also supports Google Assistant through a hardware shortcut. Other smartwatch features include fitness tracking, calendar, and contacts. There’s also a voice recorder.

Another update for the Galaxy Watch 4 brings enhanced voice commands. The smartwatch has Google Maps, as well as the Play Store. Google Assistant isn’t available on the Watch 4 Classic yet, but it’s coming soon. Google Assistant will also bring access to Google Play and make Google Maps and YouTube Music easier to use on the smartwatch.

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