The Benefits and Challenges of Remote Work in a Post-Pandemic World

Working remotely has become the new normal for many employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic or changing workplace trends; remote work is here to stay and is set to grow even more in 2019. People finding alternative work-from-home solutions find they have more time for other activities. Without commute time, coffee runs, or after work […]

Exploring the Internet of Behavior – Merging Data and Technology

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) is a technology trend focused on understanding and shaping user behavior. This approach utilizes data analytics in combination with behavioral sciences in order to increase customer satisfaction. Marketing and psychology have always gone hand-in-hand, which makes their integration into IoB particularly powerful for businesses looking to generate additional sales while […]

Robotics in Manufacturing: Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Efficiency

Industrial robots work continuously without breaks, shift changes or sick days to maintain productivity levels and their high level of accuracy helps eliminate costly product rework, scrap or recalls that would otherwise occur due to human mistakes. These tools can also be reprogrammed easily to handle various products easily, allowing businesses to streamline production and […]

Smart Homes and Home Automation

Smart homes and home automation have long been considered futuristic concepts; now however they have become more attainable to a majority of homeowners thanks to portable Wi-Fi devices and tablets which make automating your home easier than ever before. Home automation offers many advantages to homeowners. These benefits include controlling devices from anywhere, enhanced security […]

The Future of Work – How Technology is Changing the Workplace

Technology has revolutionized our workplaces and our working methods, enabling employees to have greater flexibility while increasing productivity. But the increasing use of technology also causes workers to worry that they could soon be replaced by robots if not managed effectively by businesses. Therefore, it’s crucial that organizations understand the challenges involved with this transition, […]

Potential of Virtual Reality for eCommerce

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that promises to enhance online shopping experiences. eCommerce businesses can leverage it as a marketing tool to increase sales and boost profits. The eCommerce industry is always on the lookout for ways to enhance customer experience. Virtual Reality holds a great potential in this regard. VR Stores VR Reality […]

The Latest Advancements in 5G Technology and Its Impact on the Future

The Latest Advancements in 5G Technology and Its Impact on the Future 5G networks offer faster data transmission rates than 4G networks, allowing you to download movies quickly or stream TV shows without any buffering or lag. This means downloading movies will become much faster with 5G technology! 1. Increased Speed Over the past four […]

The Benefits and Challenges of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an internet-based technology that gives users access to applications and data stored remotely in data centers far away. These services can range from basic cloud storage to highly specialized software-as-a-service (SaaS). Some of the top cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Cost Cloud computing offers various […]