Challenges of Implementing New Technology in Your Business

There are several challenges of implementing new technology in your business. You should focus on integrating the new technology into your current processes, rather than using one tool for all problems. This approach minimizes training costs and disruption. Moreover, you should consider the needs of your team when implementing the new technology. Despite the many […]

How Universities and Companies Benefit From Technology Transfer

The benefits of technology transfer are innumerable. For universities, the process of transferring research to companies can increase the research output of the university, increase faculty recruitment, generate revenue for research activities, and boost the institution’s reputation. It also helps companies gain access to technological advances developed by leading research institutes, as well as benefit […]

Types of Computer Software

The types of computer software vary according to their purposes. The operating system (OS) manages memory space and hardware devices, and also controls printer spooling and input/output devices. Other types of software are called optimisation programs and are used for disk defragmentation, system clean-up, file compression, and other tasks. All these programs are typically installed […]

Software Marketing Technology

With the advent of software marketing technology, businesses can easily make their content more appealing to consumers. Various applications allow businesses to automate processes, from publishing press releases to analyzing media coverage. Software tools are especially useful in boosting the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Some of the more popular types of marketing software include demand […]

Latest Computer Generations

The last few decades have witnessed a revolution in computing technology. Since the first generation of computers, which weighed about 30 tons, integrated circuits, and vacuum tubes replaced mechanical parts, computers have grown to be incredibly fast and reliable. These new machines also introduced keyboards and monitors, as well as high-level programming languages. The third […]