Gadgets For Remote Work – Tools to Boost Productivity Anywhere

Working from home has become an increasingly common trend, whether as freelancers or employees of companies. By equipping yourself with the appropriate tools for remote work, remote workers can increase productivity and achieve more efficient workflow.

Productivity apps can assist with automating tasks, organizing data and streamlining collaboration processes. Furthermore, these applications may reduce distractions and fatigue.

Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice

At home or the office, ergonomic keyboards and mice make work simpler while protecting wrists and hands from repetitive computer use. Their ergonomic designs aim to reduce pain, fatigue and stress caused by prolonged computer usage.

Key adaptations, soft-touch keys, and programmable hotkeys can help you work longer without discomfort. Opting for a keyboard equipped with an adjustable tray and armrest or even better yet opting for a split keyboard can ensure both hands and wrists remain in their proper places.

Take regular breaks and stretch your fingers, wrists, and arms to reduce muscle fatigue and cord clutter. Consider going wireless with Bluetooth technology as another solution.

Webcam and Microphone

Remote working provides numerous advantages, from improved work-life balance and shorter commutes to greater flexibility. But it does present some unique challenges, particularly regarding collaboration and communication.

Utilize remote working tools to increase productivity. From instant messaging apps like Slack to project management software for better collaboration, remote work tools can keep teams organized and connected even when miles apart.

A high-quality webcam can also make video conferencing feel more natural, by elevating its position during meetings to eye level – eliminating that annoying “up your nose” effect.

Productivity Apps

Remote workers frequently struggle with staying motivated or finding a reliable internet connection, but there are tools available that can help focus your work from home and increase productivity.

Productivity apps can help keep you on task and improve organization. Many have features to block distractions or encourage accountability, such as time tracking or Pomodoro-style task pacing.

Project management software simplifies collaboration and communication among team members. Others allow you to easily create flipbooks for internal communications, HR publications, digital presentations, digital flipbooks and digital presentations – not forgetting note-taking apps that make taking notes during meetings or research easier!

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones offer a much-needed oasis of silence that makes focusing and working easier in noisy environments. Earbuds can block out distractions like phone ringing or conversations among coworkers.

These headsets can also help when working from home, as they allow you to listen to relaxing or stimulating music to help ease stress levels and come equipped with touch controls and virtual assistance for hands-free work.

Laptop speakers often fall short in terms of audio quality. A USB microphone is an affordable solution to upgrade sound quality for home office use and video conferences such as Zoom meetings.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Portable wifi hotspots are personal internet devices that use cellular networks to create a wireless WiFi signal that connects all your remote work devices. They’re an excellent alternative to unreliable hotel WiFi, data roaming charges while traveling, or the hassle of finding public Wi-Fi networks that provide usable connections.

These devices are ideal for fully mobile teams traveling between client sites, events and trade booths, coworking spaces, construction sites or other remote locations. Some models feature touchscreen configuration for ease of use and Ethernet ports to support wired devices while external antenna ports ensure maximum signal strength. Some even come equipped with built-in power banks to facilitate charging while on the move.

External SSD

External SSDs make digital work faster by eliminating one of the biggest obstacles: mechanical hard drives. Their fast data transfers allow customers to be served quicker, orders shipped promptly and data crunched rapidly.

An external SSD’s peak read and write speeds should be the cornerstone of its selection criteria, as they determine how quickly a drive can transfer gigabytes of data such as 4K feature films. Portable SSDs usually offer read/write speeds topping 400MBps or greater; similar to internal SSDs in laptops and desktops.

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