A Huge Internet Security Hole Could Take a Decade Or More to Close

A recent report identified a giant security hole in the internet that could take a decade or more to close. Many Internet corners are built on obsolete code and outdated hardware. This makes them easy targets for hackers. The article outlines ways to prevent this huge security hole from happening again. Read on for more […]

The Problems With Educational Technology

According to a 2015 survey, The Problems with Educational Technology are not limited to educational software. Education leaders also report that technology in the classroom is not always reliable. These findings paint a picture of a state-of-change for education. Technology is advancing, but educators are playing catch-up. A survey of education leaders suggests that the […]

Challenges of Implementing New Technology in Your Business

There are several challenges of implementing new technology in your business. You should focus on integrating the new technology into your current processes, rather than using one tool for all problems. This approach minimizes training costs and disruption. Moreover, you should consider the needs of your team when implementing the new technology. Despite the many […]

How Universities and Companies Benefit From Technology Transfer

The benefits of technology transfer are innumerable. For universities, the process of transferring research to companies can increase the research output of the university, increase faculty recruitment, generate revenue for research activities, and boost the institution’s reputation. It also helps companies gain access to technological advances developed by leading research institutes, as well as benefit […]

Best Battery Technology For Electric Vehicles

What’s the best battery technology for your electric vehicle? There are a number of options, but the lithium-ion battery has been proven to be the most energy-efficient of all current energy storage systems. Lithium-ion batteries are also environmentally friendly, with less fuel use and reduced emissions. In addition, these batteries offer the highest longevity and […]

Three Types of Software Analytics

Software analytics refers to the study of software artifacts. There are various tiers of software analysis: higher management, portfolio management, and project management. Software analytics has a broad scope, focusing on supporting decisions and providing insights. This article will explore three types of software analytics. Each tier has a specific purpose and can be beneficial […]

Technology in Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, IT-enabled real time information sharing can significantly increase collaboration between manufacturers and key partners. This capability allows manufacturers to monitor activities at various points along the supply chain, including distributors and supplier end processes. This transparency can increase the efficiency of decision-making, help forecast future demand, and control the manufacturing process. […]