Facebook Lays Off More Than 11, 000 Employees

Facebook parent company Meta has announced plans to lay off more than 11 thousand employees, the biggest round of cuts in company history. The layoffs are part of the company’s effort to refocus its workforce on priorities and cut expenses. In addition to layoffs, Meta is implementing hiring freezes and eliminating nonessential travel. The layoffs […]

iPhones Will Get USB-C Charging Ports Starting in 2024

Apple has confirmed that iPhones will get USB-C charging ports starting in 2024, but it is still unclear which models will get the change. The change is being forced by new European Union legislation that mandates all mobile devices have a USB-C charging port. Despite this, Apple has been fighting this new standard. In September, […]

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence is the technology that allows machines to think, learn and act like humans. This technology has come a long way in recent years and is now used in many different industries to improve performance and augment human capabilities. However, many people are worried about AI’s potential to replace humans and undermine basic values. […]

The Diploma in Design and Technology

Design and technology is a subject taught in schools across England. It teaches pupils a wide range of designing and technological skills. In particular, it develops a person’s imagination and creativity. It enables them to make innovative products and use their own ideas to solve problems. Design and technology students often find that they have […]

Virtual Reality and Its Benefits and Drawbacks

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that enables people to experience an immersive environment. It relies on a combination of hardware and software to generate a sense of presence. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are many applications for this technology. It also presents some serious challenges. Its drawbacks include potential addiction, the […]

The Importance of Advanced Technologies

A technology is a process or product that is created through the application of skills, knowledge, methods, or processes. It is typically the result of scientific research and industrial production. There are many types of advanced technologies, such as lasers, computer networks, and high-tech manufacturing. These advancements make our lives easier, but can also cause […]