New Features of iOS 15

iOS 15 adds focus modes, which expand Do Not Disturb functionality. In Focus modes, notifications come through only when you are actively engaged in a particular activity or mode. You can turn off notifications for social media, mute contacts, and hide entire home screen pages. The focus modes are also integrated with iMessage and sync across devices. So if you need to focus on a task and don’t want to hear constant notifications from people you don’t know, iOS 15 has features to help.

iOS 15 also has built-in Do Not Disturb protection, which prevents your senders from knowing that you’re not available. Focus also improves the Notification Summary by suggesting apps based on your location and calendar. Apple is also planning to introduce an App Privacy Report in a later update. This report will help you learn how apps are using the information you provide and which domains they’re communicating with. It’s all good news for iPhone and iPad users.

Another new feature of iOS 15 is the App Privacy Report. This report will let you know which apps are accessing your location and mic. By disabling this feature, you can manage which apps can access your location. You can also set Siri to only open your location if you’ve given permission to do so. Additionally, iOS 15 has an App Privacy Report that lets you see which apps are using your personal information and what they’re doing to protect it.

The last iPhone model that can receive the iOS 15 update is the iPhone 6s. Unlike its predecessors, the iPhone 6s is eligible to receive the update. Moreover, the software features that your iPhone can enjoy depend on the processing chip. If your phone lacks an A12 chip, it will miss out on features like Portrait Mode, spatial audio on FaceTime, and Live Text. Without the A12 chip, every iPhone model from the iPhone 6s up to the iPhone X will not get the iOS 15 update.

Apple announced iOS 15 at WWDC 2021 last June. Since then, it has undergone many changes and now focuses on productivity, privacy, and connectivity. The public beta for iOS 15 was released in June, and the official release date was confirmed at the September 14 Apple event. Several features of the new software have been delayed until the iOS 15.1, such as SharePlay. So, while iOS 15 will be released in September, it will still be a good idea to download it and update your iPhone. It’s a free update, so go ahead and download it.

Sharing is a huge part of iOS. With SharePlay, you can easily share your screen with others. SharePlay was originally intended for iOS 15, but was delayed due to its buggy state. The high-quality ProRes video option for the iPhone 13 Pro has also made it into the iOS 15 update. This is another new feature that Apple promised users for iPhone 13 models. This feature has been delayed in the beta phase due to technical issues, but the updated software will be available soon.

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